A Cylindrical Cam or Barrel is a Cam in which the follower rides on the surface of a cylinder. These Cams are principally used to Convert Rotational Motion Parallel to the Rotational Axis of the cylinder. A cylinder may have several groove cut into the surface and drive several followers. Camfield Barrel Cam Indexers are ideal for Dial Application such as Driving a Linear or Inline conveyor. The rigid Housing Design and Stable Bearing Arrangement guarantees a smooth vibration free motion. The unit is also capable of High Positional Accuracies due to the Large PCD of the Cam followers but more suited for slower speeds with large mass movement.


  • Cast Iron Alloy Body
  • Cast Iron Housing for Rigidity and Zero Vibration
  • Output shaft supported by oversized Tapered – Roller Bearing
  • Maximum Station to Station Accuracy Double Extended Input Shaft
  • CNC Cam Profile Milled and Hardened High Load capacity and Oil Bath Lubrication
  • Can be fitted with Reducer and Drive through Hole Output Shaft which can be provided
  • All moving parts are Mounted on Tapered Roller Bearing for Maximum Mechanical Efficiency.
  • Camfield Indexers work equally well in Reverse and are easily mounted in a number of positions
  • Camfield Indexers are self-locking during the Dwell Phase due to the Cam Followers being preloaded against the straight section of the Cam Track
  • Consequently, there is no Backlash when the Output Shaft is stationery nor is a secondary locking device necessary
  • Oscillating Motion

  • Number of Stops:
  • 1 to 36
  • Double Dwell Cam for high-speed Indexers

  • Indexes/minute: <1000

  • Indexing Angle:
  • 90° to 330°
  • Depending on number of stops

  • Direction of Rotation:
  • Clockwise, Counter Clockwise and Reversing

  • Mounting Position:
  • Universal Mounting Position


  • Bottle Filling, Tube Filling, Capsule Filling, Laser Marking, Polishing Assemble Automation, Cup Printing, Paper Cup Making, Induction Harding SPMS
  • Pharma, Printing, Cosmetic, Automobile and SPM