Right angle Indexers are typically used for continuously running applications with cams designed to match the Indexing and idle times without stopping the motor. These are Versatile units suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Through Hardened and CNC ground steel cam
  • Cast Iron Housing for Rigidity and zero vibration
  • Shaft and Hollow Output are optional on most models
  • Double Dwell Cam for high speed indexers
  • Available with Flange Output or Shaft Output on Request
  • High Station to Station Accuracy
  • Appropriate Oil Bath Lubrication
  • Seals Prevent Oil Leakage in any Work Positions
  • Can be fitted with Reducer and Drive Through Hole Output Shaft can be provided
  • Output Shaft supported by Over-Sized Tapered-Roller bearing
  • Rugged Design and High Load Capability
  • Range of Indexing/Stop Time as per Request
  • Oscillating Motion

  • Number of Stops:
  • 1 to 36
  • Higher number of stops possible
  • With Additional Reduction Gear

  • Indexes/Minute: <1000

  • Indexing Angle:
  • 90° to 330°
  • Depending on number of stops

  • Direction of Rotation:
  • Clockwise, Counter Clockwise, Reversing

  • Mounting Position:
  • Universal Mounting Positions

Application/Target Industry:

  • Bottle Filling, Tube Filling, Capsule Filling, Laser Marking, Polishing Assemble Automation, Cup Printing, Paper Cup Making, Hot Stamping, Ice Cream Filling, Induction Harding SPMS
  • Pharma, Printing, Cosmetic, Automobile