Custom CAMs

Camfield Cams are an economical alternative to in-house cam design and manufacturing. Backed by over 40 years of experience, we offer cams in a comprehensive range of configurations, tolerances and materials.

Our designers use the most advanced technologies available to design, manufacture all cams. We can manufacturer a variety of styles as per customer’s specific requirements.

Our range of Custom Cams includes:

  • Barrel Cam/Drum Cam
  • Face-Grooved Cams
  • Conjugate Cams
  • Plate Cams/Plate Groove Cams

  • Specifications:
  • Through Hardened
  • CNC Ground to surface finish of <0.4Ra

  • CAMFIELD has produced various cams for packing machines, assembly machines and machine tools.

Application/Target Industry:

  • Bottle Filling, Tube Filling, Capsule Filling, Laser Marking, Polishing Assemble Automation, Cup Printing, Paper Cup Making, Induction Harding SPMS
  • Pharma, Printing, Cosmetic, Automobile & SPM