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FD Cam Reducer

FD CAM REDUCER is a zero-backlash precision reducer that is highly accurate, rigid and durable Mechanism. It's zero backlash characteristics are due to the unique preload mechanisms and it its high accuracy and high transmission efficiency eliminate performance variation problems due to abrasion while maintaining high performance on a long term basis. It also significantly enhances the performance of motion controls. It ensures a new dimension of high-precision motion control with a wide variety of applications such as automated machines, robots and power transmissions.


The FD CAM Reducer, zero backlash reducer is optimally designed for high accuracy reduction. By using Cam Reducer, we offer one of the superb motion control mechanisms.

The FD CAM Reducer consist of main parts such as an input shaft, a cam follower and a turret supporting the cam follower. The cross-section of the FD CAM Reducer is wedge-shaped and this wedge completely eliminates any backlash up the space between two cam followers. Each cam follower has a roller bearing inside. Since all contact areas are in rolling contact, They are not subject to abrasive wear, thus maintaining steady accuracy. The mechanism has a very simple arrangement, hence of very high accuracy, durability and reliability.


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